UControl provide a complete turnkey service regarding Fire Alarm System Design, In-House Drafting, Fire Marshal approval, Installation, Inspections and Maintainence.

 We have a proven track record of making the entire process very simple for our customers.  The process consists of the following simple steps, and it all starts with one phone call to our office.

1.    UControl will visit the customer site to undergo a survey.  The purpose of this is to determine the type of system required.  The National Electric code calls out very specific codes for different types of businesses.  We may also undergo an ambient sound test.  The code calls out specific requirements for alarm horns to be above ambient noise levels.  For example a loud cafeteria would have a different requirement than a funeral parlor.  We will conduct and document a free initial survey test to determine the requirement for the sound level and survey for all other devices.

2.    UControl will provide the customer with a Detailed Quotation on the system.

3.    Upon acceptance of the quotation, UControl will then draft up a complete set of plans according to code.  A documentation package conforming to all of the requirements of the fire marshals office will be put together and be submitted for plan approval. 

4.    The fire marshals office reviews the plans.  This typically takes several weeks.  UControl can have the plan review accelerated.  The fire marshals office charge an additional fee for this.

4.    Upon receipt of approved plans, UControl install the complete system to code.  It gets programmed and fully tested.  At this time, an application for final test is submitted to the fire marshals office, and a test is scheduled.

5.    UControl walk through and test everything with the fire marshal ensuring that everything is to code.

6.    The fire marshal gives his/her certificate of approval, and the system is complete.

The customer has very little to do.  Here is a summary of the steps again to show you how easy we have made it for you the customer.

1.  UControl Conduct a free comprehensive survey of the building.
2.  UControl prepare a quotation and the customer accepts.
3.  UControl prepare the plans, and submit them for approval.
4.  UControl installs, programs, and inspects the system.
5.  UControl along with the fire marshal conducts the final inspection and the permit is issued.

UControl do it all for you.  We even provide the required central station monitoring.  you just make the call, we come to survey and ask you a few simple questions about your space, and we take it over from there.  Its that simple.

UControl have been installing Fire Protection Systems for almost a decade, in residences, hospitals, banks, industrial applications, and the list goes on.  All you have to do is make the call.

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